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An HTML5 version of a RAMP app will automatically be created when you upload a feature if there is a "uxml_smart_tablet" folder in your RAMP project.

You can access the app using the following URL: http://{ramp server}/ramp/ramp/web/root/{company name}/{app name}/Web/app.html

Note: the first "ramp" in the URL is the name that the ramp.war is deployed under, and might differ if it is deployed under a different name.

Web service calls

To make web service calls from an HTML 5 app, the service server and feature server you're using must be on the same RAMP server, since the service calls need to be made to the same RAMP server as specified in the URL.

If you're using secure web service calls, your RAMP server needs to use SSL, i.e. the RAMP server URL should be https://{ramp server}. Any calls to the RAMP sendSecure() function will be sent over SSL to the service server at https://{ramp server}/ramp/ramp/service/srv.

Image scaling

The designated screen size of the HTML5 app is 768x1024, to be consistent with the size of an iPad screen. Therefore images will be taken from the "768x1024" images folder, or the closest match and then scaled to fit a screen size of 768x1024.

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